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Faik Pasha


The Elegance of the Past
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Walking downhill behind the relatively new buildings of Taksim and Cihangir, you reach Çukurcuma and realize that the atmosphere has changed from modern to historic. Beyoğlu was the first municipal organization of the Ottoman Empire, established in the western sense in 1857.

Muslims, Armenians, Greeks and Jews, all subjects of the Ottoman Empire, lived together on Faik Pasha Street. Easters, holidays, Christmas and holy days were celebrated together, children played together in the streets, and the ladies of the house would sit in front of the doors and chat on hot summer days.

I think it would be correct to call this culture “Old Istanbul Culture”.

The demographic structure and culture of life underwent a serious change with the migration of the city’s neighborhoods such as Tophane and Tarlabaşı from Eastern Anatolia and the migration of our Greek and Armenian citizens to Greece and other western countries due to the events of September 6-7, 1955 and 1964.

The project of establishing, designing and decorating Faik Pasha Istanbul Boutique Hotel belongs to its owner. Meral Kalav Demir is a lawyer by profession and her love for the historical areas of the city, the preservation of the original structures of these areas and especially Beyoğlu and Çukurcuma is the reason for this project. During your stay at Faik Pasha Istanbul Boutique Hotel and Café, you will experience the cozy home environment and Turkish Hospitality.

The original structure of our historical buildings on Faik Pasha Street has been preserved and the construction techniques of that period have been used during the restoration construction and project design phase.

Built in the 18th century for Italian and Greek owners according to the Art Nouveau Art movement, the ceilings and floors of the rooms in these buildings are wooden. The furniture was collected from antique dealers in three years, taking into account the old lives of the period and the residents of our street.

With handcrafted carpets, parquet floors and 500 oil paintings of period paintings, Faik Pasha Suites-Apartments is truly an Istanbul Boutique Hotel.

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Faik Pasha Hotel offers a restaurant full of local delicacies and a peaceful cafe


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Faik Pasha Hotel offers a modern meeting room for your business meetings.

Turkish Hammam & Spa

Faik Pasha Hotel offers a relaxing hammam and spa experience. Relax and find freshness.

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