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A Journey in to Istanbul's History
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Walking downhill behind the relatively new buildings of Taksim and Cihangir, you reach Çukurcuma and realize that the atmosphere has changed from modern to historic. Beyoğlu was the first municipal organization of the Ottoman Empire, established in the western sense in 1857. Muslims, Armenians, Greeks and Jews, all subjects of the Ottoman Empire, lived together on Faik Pasha Street, celebrating Easter, Eid, Christmas and Holy Days together. Children used to play together on the street and the ladies of the house used to sit in front of the doors and chat on hot summer days. I think it would be correct to call this culture “Old Istanbul Culture”. The city’s demographic structure and culture of life underwent a serious change with the migration of Greek and Armenian citizens to Greece and other western countries due to the migration from the east, especially in neighborhoods such as Tophane and Tarlabaşı, and the events of September 6-7, 1955 and 1964.


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